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They do not make any sense.

About Me

This is GarBage, a free programmer and a designer.


Cardistry: A kind of art with cards on hands, you can view my cardistry videos on my channels.
Designing: I have designed for about 2 years, and I prefer to design cards.
Programming: I love programming and when I have spare time I'll programme instead of playing games.


My mother-language is Chinese, but I prefer to use English to chat with friends. By the way I've also learnt a little Japanese so it's not very hard for me to communicate with Japanese friends.

How to Contact

Matrix: or
Line: 屑屑まつき
WeChat: garbage-matsuki

QQ: 2516474289
QQ Mail:


YouTube: GarBage Cardistry
Bilibili: 屑屑Matsuki

Links A Chinese free software club. If you're a fan of free software, welcome to join us. An interesting programmer that is my teacher. (maybe) Last version of this site. The website which recorded many cannot-be-read news in the PRC. A VPN provider.


SeChutre: An E2E encrypted chat software.