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Hello there!
I'm a 15-year-old boy who's called GarBage. Here's some of my info.


 [Programming] I have done programming for about 6 years.
 [Designing] Many of my works are liked a lot. Have a look.
 [Rubik's Cube] Sub 40s, but I haven't play it for a long time.
 [Pen Spinning] Just a new player.
 [Cardistry] A 2-year player but my moves are terrible.
 [Japanese the Language] I like Japanese a lot.

Operation Systems

 [Ubuntu] This the system that I like most.
 [Kali Linux] A powerful one but not very safe.
 [CentOS] Used to be a server but not a personal computer.

Program Languages

 [C] First Language I have learnt.
 [C++] This is the language that I have used for 6 years.
 [HTML] Only used for 3 months and I still have many problems with it.
 [JavaScript] Only used for 2 weeks.
 [PHP] I'm a just new learner.


 [Lumorian] A clever Programmer, and this is his personal site.
 [Gooooose] He's the person that helped me a lot, and I am a member of his OGBS Cardistry.
 [Dazine] The person who helped me a lot in cardistry.

All in all, Nice to meet you at this site.

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